Home Inspection Questions Answered- With Tanya Evoy

Home Inspections Video: What is involved?

Do you have an upcoming home inspection, or just curious about what is involved? We have found this to be a very stressful time for our Sellers and Buyers and would like to put their minds at ease with some more information.

Watch our video where Tanya explains some common questions:

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7 Tips For Buying a Vacation Home

Winter is coming. This is one thing in Canada we can be sure of and many people will flock to their destination of choice to get away from the frigid cold. As this becomes a much-needed reality for a lot of families, you may ask yourself, is it a good idea to buy a foreign property?

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Buyer Blog Series #1

  This series of Blog posts is designed for the savvy new Buyer looking to become educated on purchasing a home. It is typically the largest purchase you will ever make so information is power!   Pre-qualification vs. Pre-Approval What is the...

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6 Reasons to List Your Home During The Holidays

We have all heard that the best time to list your home is in the spring. This is when houses show better, people want a change and you can be settled before the start of school. These are great reasons to sell your home in the spring, for sure. There are also a lot of...

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